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Silent is an organic collection designed and manufactured in a conscientious, and ecologically friendly way by Damir Doma. Founded in 2009, this brand of the Paper Rain Group offers timeless luxury men’s and women’s wear and accessories that appeal to customers in search of pure, natural, and honest products.  By eliminating excessive elements in design, and through careful selection of fabrics and materials, Silent offers beautifully finished, luxury items at a reasonable price point.  The minimal, clean lines of the collection lend themselves to complex layering, creating an interplay of softness and drape along with multi-tonal neutrals with accents of spice. His collections with layered sheer fabrics, and draped silhouettes, veer towards a thoughtful and complex sensibility.


Silent is the natural outgrowth of the highly successful Damir Doma high fashion, luxury men’s wear brand founded in 2006. Invited by the Chambre de Syndicale to join their exclusive roster of couture designers, Damir Doma’s menswear collection has garnered a loyal following and become an established name among the great luxury brands of Paris, with the collection showcased in leading fashion boutiques around the world.


The ethereal designs of Damir Doma are inspired by the fragile ephemeral quality of the human body and multiple expressions of identity. They explore interpretations of contemporary masculinity and femininity, expressed through avant-garde silhouettes. Fusing the trinity of mind, body and spirit with fabrics, colors, and shapes, the collections introduce the designer’s personal aesthetic of draped silhouettes, flowing volumes, layering and soft tailoring in exquisite fabrics.  The search for soul and sensitivity through his work has evolved into a thoughtful and complex sensibility in all of his garments and accessories.


The Croatian-born designer grew up in Germany and studied fashion in Munich and Berlin, where he graduated in 2004, before moving to Antwerp and working for Raf Simons and Dirk Schoenberger. The time spent at Raf Simons helped form Doma’s perception of fashion. Under Simon’s mentorship, the creation of his personal aesthetics was kindled, leading him to infuse soulfulness and sensitivity into his designs. The confrontation of an ever-evolving heterogeneous environment with the designer’s uncompromising ideas about fashion and arts have led to a strong and recognizable identity, which is visible throughout all of his collections. Paradoxically, with his quiet quest for a fleeting serenity and his creations of subtle and layered looks, Doma somehow seeks tranquility through gentle transgression.


His women’s collection has featured voluminous coats, perfectly balanced with fitted jackets and draped jersey necklines in a muted color palette of grey, dirty green, chocolate and midnight blue. For the menswear collection, Damir Doma delivers carved shoulder and acute structure, blurring universal folklore with today’s chaos.  Jackets split across the body; coats balloon and sleeves warp with batwing volumes. Harmony is achieved with volcanic grey, taupe and black.  Patterned knitwear and raw cotton interplay texturally with washed leathers, polished cotton and flawless cashmere silk.  Driven by a melancholic quest for fluidity, he creates pieces that explore interpretations of contemporary femininity and masculinity.


Website: www.damirdoma.com

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