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Michelle Lowe-Holder


Launched in London landmark fashion store, Browns, and awarded the British Fashion Council’s New Generation Award at London Fashion Week in 2001, Michelle Lowe-Holder is known primarily for her eponymous, feminine and wearable collections.  Always centered around ethical and sustainable concepts in some form or another, Lowe-Holder took a major new direction with her Autumn Winter 2010, with the launch of an entirely sustainable accessories collection, entitled “Ribbon Reclaim”, and produced in its entirety from reclaimed and vintage ribbons, trims and recovered hardware.  Hand picked by the Centre for Sustainable Fashion by the London College of Fashion, the collection was presented at Somerset House as part of London Fashion Week.


Inspired to create treasures from trash, Lowe-Holder builds on her love of traditional textiles and continued her experimentation with traditional, historic techniques with a strong craft heritage.  Building on her previous collection; “Summer Smock,” which paid homage to the labor of embroiderers from the Middle-Ages, this season’s accessories collection combines the use of end of line textiles and hand crafted ribbon art, with industrially flocked, chunky hardware closures.  All the pieces in the line are entirely ethically produced and sampled in the UK, ribbons are laser cut and embellished with hand crochet, making the collection a great example of up-cycling waste, transformed with her unique, feminine and modern style, to create utterly desirable pieces.  The items are whimsical and flirtatious, with a strong historic connection, reminiscent of Elizabethan neck ruffs, some so light they almost look as if they might be capable of flight it if weren’t for the repurposed, heavy industrial metal fastenings.


Michelle Lowe-Holder sells her collection in specialty boutiques around the world, including Canada, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Italy and the United Kingdom.


Website: www.lowe-holder.com

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