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Piece x Piece


Piece x Piece is a women’s sustainable fashion label that only works with pre-consumer textile waste as its material base.   A personal response by the founder, Elizabeth Brunner, to the overwhelming amount of waste produced by the fashion industry each year, Piece x Piece works with sample fabric swatches, known as headers in the industry. The textile headers, supplied by mills around the world, are used by designers as tactile samples of the fabrics they are designing for in the upcoming season.  Each year thousands of these headers are discarded, a season out of date, they serve no useful purpose to either the mill or the designer any longer.   Destined for landfill, Piece x Piece diverts their usual path, and re-imagines this diverse range of textile swatches into desirable and beautiful items of clothing.


This ongoing reclamation experiment requires that each garment is individually pieced together in a unique arrangement of luxury scrap fabrics.  This ever-changing panorama of fabrics, colors and combinations are refashioned into a season-less and time-less collection that never the less balances wearability and contemporary styling. The limited production run offers the same styles in varying fabrics, colors and textures, each one unique.  With an experienced eye, Brunner artfully pieces contrasting and complimentary colors, shades and textures together to create a single whole that looks like it always belonged together.


With a background in interior architecture, Brunner used to work for esteemed design firm, Pentagram, where she gained valuable experience working with major high street clients.   Immersing herself in London’s rich design and fashion culture, she was Inspired to enroll in California College of the Arts, Fashion Design program.  Now combining these two creative design disciplines with her passion for sustainability, she makes beautiful clothes, while meaningfully addressing material waste in the fashion industry.  Exploring creative possibilities for re-use, she has innovated a technique for creating evocative and environmentally conscious clothing


With a mission to create beauty from waste, Brunner is redefining what waste is, as well as how we address it, believing that existing materials are a precious resource with untapped potential; a philosophy she adeptly proves with the production of her collection.  With Piece x Piece, Brunner draws upon her environmental concerns as inspiration for her designs as well as for the brands ethos. The label is a representation of her philosophy, values and experiences, and defines the modern, and richly detailed essence of her clothing line.

Website: www.pxp-sf.com/