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With a background of working with Jasper Conran’s Head of design, an internship with Vivienne Westwood and a degree from London College of Fashion, Emesha has always harbored a desire to be a fashion designer, ever since her childhood spent making outfit after outfit for her Barbie doll.  The inspiration from a lifetime love of travel and fashion forms the basis of the label Emesha.  With the fusion of different cultures and traditions, from the free spirited lives of American teens to crazy summers spent in Tokyo, Emesha works with experimental pattern cutting, draping and crisp tailoring techniques, to create clean, classic silhouettes and feminine looks.  With an attention to detail, and to the highest standard of quality, Emesha has an edgy, clean aesthetic, and favors bold, tonal graphic or monochromatic shaped blocks, with a slight nod to seventies and eighties styling.

Founded in 2008, Emesha is a sporty-luxe label created for young women, who are conscious about the environment and look for wearable luxury smart casual fashions, made of eco-friendly materials.  As a vegetarian, Emesha does not use leather or fur in the collection, and is fully committed to environmental and social responsibility. The collection incorporates only eco-friendly materials, and the production is designed to help support the expert fashion community in Hungary survive difficult economic and social conditions.


Emesha’s mission is to always seek out new eco-friendly materials, use renewable resources, recycle as much as possible, and practice fair wage policies. All the fabrics used in the collection are one hundred percent natural, and therefore by default, fully biodegradable.


Website: www.emesha.com

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