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Isabell de Hillerin

German designer Isabell de Hillerin develops her sustainable collection from a combination of delicate fabrics and folkloric handmade Romanian materials, to communicate a creative position somewhere between new design and old tradition.  Her collection represents a rebellious response to the modern system of life, a reflection on our distance from the past and our separation from our history.  With the Romanian traditional fabric industry close to extinction, Isabell de Hillerin is working with Romanian manufacturers to support the production of handmade materials, with the aim of supporting these highly skilled craftsmen by utilizing their skills in a new way.  Her collection combines recycled Romanian folkloric materials such as tablecloths and headscarves with modern tailoring and natural fibers.

Graduating from Felicidad Duce’ in Barcelona, de Hillerin moved to Berlin, to start her own label. Her designs are sensitively developed to reflect her personal interpretation of contemporary and sustainable fashion.  Concerned with the loss of tradition, de Hillerin works with traditional hand weaves and folkloric patterns, as a direct reaction to our distancing from our past and our heritage, and as a means to connect us to our material heritage and our world that it influences.  With an emphasis on a new look in fashion, de Hillerin uses her clothing to express feeling and emotion, and as a means to express our identity.  Taking inspiration from urban signs of aging and the traces left through our passage through time, the collection comprises densely colored layers, touched by time as a consequence of life, with sculptural cuts, and smooth, draped surfaces.

The inspirations for her collection are ethereal and momentary, like a passing breeze early on a summer morning; the inspiration for her spring summer 2012 collection.  Representing these fleeting moments of time through delicate fabrications and drapery, as well as color.

Exhibiting at the TheKey.To in Berlin, and the Ethical Fashion show, Paris, de Hillerin now sells around the world, with retailers from Japan to Austria, as well as online through www.chicedition.com

Website: www.isabelldehillerin.com/