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Elsien Gringhuis

Elsien Gringhuis creates deceptively simple silhouettes which, mask complex and innovative construction techniques.  Inspired by shape and construction, materials play an important role in the creation of each piece, influencing the shape and style of the designs.  With a complex range of influences that incorporate the human contrasts of power and vulnerability, her inspirations are reflected in sharp angles, industrial and futuristic looks.  Using sustainable and high quality fabrications like bamboo, wool, pressed silk, leather and hand coated fabrics, Ginghuis is on a constant quest for new construction techniques, and strives to incorporate simplicity as well as a loyalty to the classics into her collection.  Her architectonic idiosyncratic style, made from traditional craftsmanship and unique coupe construction methodology, eliminates as many seams as possible from each style, characterizing her work as innovative minimalism.  Aiming to get the maximum effect from the minimal, her clothes represent a smart simplicity, with a complex and innovative construction.


“A functional and well thought out design makes me very happy. All good things are simple, but there is nothing more difficult than to make a good and simple design.”

Gringhuis’ design principals are based on sustainability in term of form, function, material and finishing, contributing to wearable, functional and contemporary designs with longevity an important feature.  While her pattern making methodology based on minimalism saves work in cutting and stitching, contributing to the sustainability of her production.  Fabrics consist of hand dyed silks bamboo, wool and cotton, all certified eco and fair trade. Gringhuis also produces an affordable line called Basic Ones, which incorporates quality basic designs made from high-quality fabrications.


Graduating from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, Holland, Gringhuis has been awarded multiple prizes for her work, including the Createurope award for the Best Avant-garde Designer in Berlin, the Camera Nazional dell Moda award for the Most Creative Collection of the Year at Mittelmoda, Italy, and the HEMA design contest.  She now presents her collection during Amsterdam International Fashion Week.

Website: www.elsiengringhuis.com