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John Patrick Organic


Individual and irreverent, John Patrick Organic makes sensible, modern work wear, as beautiful as it is affordable.  With a lovely easy wear yet stylish aesthetic, Patrick’s collection pairs cocooning sweaters with bias diaphanous chiffon dresses, classic jackets and utilitarian khaki pants.  The collection is artfully coordinated to create a wearable, yet inventive collection that translates as easily to the countryside as it does to the city, all the while defying a customer demographic, translating across age ranges and lifestyles. Invested in ethics as well as transparency, Patrick is a huge supporter of localized independent business, and a serious critic of global branding and the corporatization of the high street.


Based in Brooklyn, New York, John Patrick Organic was launched in 2007. With a self-taught background, Patrick grew into fashion over a lifetime of experiences that came together to feed his vision. Originally showing a small organic capsule collection in New York in 2003, produced from organic bed sheets, at a time when organic fabrications were difficult to come by, the collection grew in popularity, appropriately enough, organically.  Developing fabrics, embroideries and accessories in Lima, Peru, Patrick showcased his organic collection at the Vendome, Paris in 2005.  With a perspective that the collection must be durable to ensure longevity, John Patrick Organic works with Vermont wool, flax and recycled natural materials, and has also experimented with Amazonian “jungle cotton” – a hit with his Japanese clientele, but too ‘rough’ for most Westerners.  Patrick has a keen following in Japan, with a special affinity to the Japanese aesthetic.


Inspired by street art, John Patrick Organic was a nominee for the CFDA Vogue award, bringing with it recognition outside of eco circles, as well as recognition for eco fashion as a whole.  The latest collection launch in New York, invited attendees take an adventurous journey to the unknown, along with the designer.  According to John Patrick, the collection is a metaphor for the journey our planet is on.  Incorporating unexpected elements alongside the classic, timeless pieces he has become known for, the collection includes design made from repurposed vintage materials, drawing attention to the planets limited natural resources, and his long time commitment to sustainability and ethics.


Website: http://organicbyjohnpatrick.com