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Hibrida Etno Urbano


Art house accessories label Hibrida, transforms recovered and discarded materials through design and craftsmanship, to produce a contemporary, avant garde collection of body accessories.  Motivated to create beautiful objects, full of symbolic meaning, Hibrida infuse discarded materials with new value, prolong their life, and divert them from landfill. The concept behind the collection, is a hybrid design process, hence the name, inspired by an abstraction of elements, new and old, contemporary and vintage, valued and discarded. Establishing a past and a present through their mixed textile use, carrying identity and characteristics from the past, and fusing them with updated material, they establish their connection with the present.


Mixing textiles to create a visual language that reuses waste experimentally, their conceptual designs acquire a new aesthetic and symbolic value. Cognizant of the deeper cultural significance of textiles, Hibrida consciously cross and overlap textiles from different time lines, bringing the iconographic, technical, aesthetic and cultural connection to textiles, to the forefront.


Exploring ways to rework biomorphic, three-dimensional volume through timeless imagery, and create using existing resources, Hibrida seek to mobilize attention to our values, and the workmanship in creation, design and handwork, rather than through material choice. Aware of the large volume of raw material discarded daily, and the associated environmental problems, they devised a means to reuse and reduce waste, through experimentation, aiming to convey a message of awareness.


Hibrida’s Bio-Morph collection utilizes the technique of barreling, to work with discarded textiles and produce organic forms that draw an analogy with a structured and organized society, and reflect nature, where nothing is created or destroyed, only transformed.  With a non-linear narrative, the pieces are presented in three stages; closed circular contoured shapes with clearly delineated concentric tubular forms, giving way to fold and curls, and culminating in random structures.  Each pieces is sewn entirely by hand, with barrel stitched discarded textiles, and finished with silver to produce three-dimensional volumetric and wearable pieces of art.

Website: http://designhibrida.wordpress.com