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Polymorphic clothing, or clothing that has multiple different expressions, or ways to wear it to totally different effect, is not inherently ecological through material choice, but is ethical.  One of the major tenants of ethical dressing is conscious consumerism, and reduced consumerism, choosing pieces for your wardrobe that don’t go out of fashion, that are quality made, and you are not likely to get tired of, so will hold onto for much longer, and are likely to want to give away rather than throw away.  Longevity through adaptability; what could be more adaptable than a polymorphic garment, I mean, how do you get tired of a dress that has a dozen or more ways of wearing it, some so different from each other they bare no resemblance to each other at all, in fact aren’t even the same item of clothing, changing from a top to a dress for example.


Lemuria specialize in polymorphic clothing, with a full range of adaptable tops, dresses and even pant/skirts, with options that range from short to long voluminous and fitted, and even sleeveless, strapless, short sleeved and long sleeved all in a single garment.  Made from high-quality cotton or viscose jersey, some styles are also reversible giving different color, and print/plain options within a single piece.


The family run business was founded by Susanna Gioia as a knitwear producer for many of Italy’s leading fashion houses, and working with thirty local families.  With the industry move to cheaper rather than better production, even at the high end of the industry, and moving production overseas as they chase lower labor costs, Lemuria decided bravely to launch their own line, experimenting with the knowledge they had gleaned from decades of producing luxury knitwear.  Opting for an experimental project, and developing their shape shifting collection, Lemuria is one hundred percent Italian made. Many dresses appear quite foreign at first class, possibly designed for alien space monsters rather than human life forms, some items with three sleeves and multiple armholes; never the less each cut, slash and sleeve serves multiple purposes, which only totally make sense through wearing and experimentation.  Cuts and silhouettes are often geometric in shape, with each dress accompanied by a CD rom that features a stop motion slide show to illustrate the multiple wearing options.

The name Lemuria comes from the mythical land of Lemuria, a continent of hermaphrodites, ethereal spirits, and shape-shifter, able to change their body through the power of their mind.  One watch of the video link showing the many ways a single garment can be worn, and you will understand why.

Website: www.lemuriastyle.it

Video: http://vimeo.com/28659046

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