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Julia Seregina

Young Moscow designer, Julia Seregina produces a fresh, interesting, contemporary knitwear collection, hand knitted with natural, eco yarn, that capitalizes on her Russian heritage.  Launched in February of 2012 at Copenhagen Fashion Week, the brand is a total newcomer to the eco fashion scene, but with a long heritage of experience behind it, and a long journey before the label became a reality.

Studying economics and working in marketing for several years for various international corporations, Seregina honed her understanding of a city living, and a working woman’s wardrobe needs during that time.  Inspired by independent women, Seregina returned to school in 2008, to formalize her design skills and training, and redirect her career into the world of fashion.

Specializing in transforming and reinventing space into new forms through knitting, Seregina combines contemporary design with the comfort of knitwear to create new forms that flatter and follow a woman’s curves.  Working with complex variations in needle size, tension and stitch scale, her knits gracefully undulate around the female form.  Her clean, simple silhouettes belay the complexity of the stitch structure, to create easy wear pieces.  Tireless in her search for inspiration, she takes natures lead, working with opposing environmental and urban themes, including nature, art, heritage, and environmental harmony.

Seregina’s hand made, sculptural ‘Smart Knits’ collection explores new lines through technique to create simple sophisticated silhouettes with complex internal stitch structures, from natural chunky yarns.  Produced entirely by hand, the one of a kind patented knitting technique is realized in a silky wool and alpaca yarn combination.  The ‘ Smart Folk’ collection builds on the heritage craft skills of traditional Oerenburg shawls, reinterpreting this age-old tradition with contemporary styling. Inspired by the Russian matreshka shape, the designs feature the super fine lacey knit, backed by contrasting cotton jersey to showcase the lacy knit structure, as well as make it comfortable and easy wear.  The pieces are produced from traditional materials; mix of raw goat fleece and rayon. Designed into urban pieces with a touch of folkloric influences, the collection features full dirndl skirts, urban shorts and edgy inserts on the classic, fitted women’s T. The ‘Smart Fine’ collection, produced from the finest mohair is light, warm and comfortable, with the natural, airy, open structure of a loose knit, with darted layering and contrasting under layers.  Produced form 50% kid mohair, the line also features avant-garde styling with asymmetric hems and interestingly juxtapositioned items, which work equally as well dressed up or down, casual or dressy.

Website: www.juliaseregina.com