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Meo Fusciuni

Meo Fusciuni represent artisanal, hand crafted, ecological cutting edge design in the tradition of what I extol, admire, and applaud, although in an area of craft I don’t usually write about, that of artisanal perfume making. Meo Fusciuni is an artisanal, apothecary style perfume maker founded in 2009. The company was created from the alchemic mix of three people from three different cultures, with three different concepts and ideals of beauty. The artisanal line of perfumes is entirely composed of natural essential oils, and recreates the charm, art and traditional of perfumery. Fusciuni means flow, flow in Sicilian, and the nickname of Meo’s grandfather, who was also a great traveler.


A series of three perfumed journeys, each designed to evoke the remembrances of travel and the scents that link us with distant places, and the botanical culture of a place. The first of the series, ‘Rights of Passage’ was born in Istanbul, the gateway to the East, and incorporates the magic of the bazaar and the joy of sacred places through the unexpected use of black pepper, combined with grapefruit and bergamot, Ylang-Ylang and geranium, along with sandalwood and incense.  Taking the wearer on a journey of delicacy and vibrancy through the various ‘notes’ of the perfume, intent on taking the soul on a journey, that invigorates both youth and purity through that passage.

MeoFusciuni3The second journey is ‘Shukran’ and onto Morocco, evoking notes between the sea and the sand, and acting as a reminder of journeys past, mint tea served in ornate silver teapots, poured from a great height, and celebrating a magical place where joy and expectation meet. Incorporating sandalwood, sacred incense and sweet benzoin along with exotic and bohemian patchouli, the sent is delicate and vibrant. The third olfactory and sensorial journey in the series is to Sicily, entitled ‘Ciavuru d’Amuri’ and evokes the narcotic scent of jasmin in a sanctuary of happiness. This idyllic, dream like place brings to mind the memory of fig trees, and celebrates the warmth of the fading afternoon light. The sanctuary of happiness, accompanied by the special light of a sea port, caught between day and dusk, the dreamlike memory of white gowns, ceremonies and holy feasts with the accompanying sent of incense, brings this sensoral journey to a fitting and dreamlike end.


Night is the first of an olfactory event begining at the White designer trade show in Milan, renowned for its cutting edge design, and continuing onto Berlin, Casablanca, Paris, Rome, Florence, Antwerp, Dusseldorf, London, Tokyo, Madrid and New York. The scent is a combination of ink, wood, stone and black incense, inside of a tiny glass bottle. A series of five autobiographical poetic moments that live in ink molecules, each with fragments of tourmaline sitting at the bottom of each bottle, each perfume as black as night.

MeoFusciuni4The description of Meo Fuscioni’s perfumes sounds more like a musical journey than an olfactory one, with notes, highs, lows and mid tones.  Designed to create space in our every day lives, mixing what culture divides and nature combines, in a small glass bottle. Meo’s descriptions are alluringly poetic, intimate and highly sensual, using our senses and our connection to olfactory memory to trace journey’s, inspire new paths and connect on a sensual journey, connecting us back to nature and our own secrets and dreams.

Website: www.meofusciuni.it