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Honest by

Honest by, launched in January 2012 by Belgian designer Bruno Pieters, is unique in communicating their supply chain, product and pricing information. Built on the premise of total transparency, the name refers to the way in which the Honest by stores operate; every collaboration and process is transparent, including store mark up. Honest by sheds light on the garment production process, including where products are made, and by whom. Offering exclusive designer items in limited quantity, produced in an ecological manner, Honest by invites designers to create one piece, one look or a whole collection, honestly.

Bruno Pieters is a Belgian fashion designer based in Antwerp with extensive fashion industry experience, which includes Martin Margiela, Josephus Thimister and Christian Lacroix. Launching his own luxury collection in 2001, followed by a ready-to-wear collection, Pieters won multiple prestigious awards, including the Yves Saint Laurent Award. His work experience in the industry however, also exposed him to the immense waste and huge carbon footprint incurred by brands. It was during a sabbatical in Southern India, that designer Bruno Pieters had experiences that profoundly affected his personal philosophy about fashion. Observing how native Indians wore locally sourced and sewn clothing, caused him to wonder if such transparency could operate on an international scale with designer products. Returning to Antwerp, Pieters began working on this radical new concept, now Honest by.

The first company to share the full cost breakdown of its products, Honest by offers designers a public platform to share their design process, while utilizing their extensive research on organic fabrications and suppliers. Collaborators share their personal production information from yarn to button origin, fabric and manufacturing details, which honest by communicates to their client base. Offering an alternative to the traditional two-season fashion model, summer and winter garments are offered all year round, with new items arriving throughout the year. Honest by conducts extensive research into sourcing raw materials, tracing the fabric origins of fabrics and trimmings used in the products to certify environmentally friendly and ethical production practices, they also choose not to work with leather, fur, shell or horn.

The collection is chic, utilitarian, easy, classic and modern. Twenty percent of profits from designer collaborations go to a charity chosen by the designer, while eighty percent funds growth. “Honest by’s selection is made with respect for people and animals. We want to ensure every component in every product we sell has the smallest impact on our health and the environment.”

Website: www.honestby.com/en

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