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The word Saisei means rebirth and recovery in Japanese. A fitting name for the Italian brand that specializes in bringing life back to forgotten materials from the past, upholstery scraps, and fabrics relegated to old attics, to produce a collection of bags and purses. Bringing Italian craftsmanship and true artisanship to their work, Saisei relish their ability to breath new life in to dusty piles of history-laden textiles. With heritage and artisanship interwoven into their aesthetic, they produce a rich, authentic collection of ecclectic bags that range from zen-like minimalism to utilitarian workwear inspired pieces.

Material use ranges from recycled military tents, to sailing ship sails, to replicated old postal bags, each treated and regenerated to reveal the true beauty of the textiles. Generating their own finishes, that include coating fabric with resin, ink dyes, paint splashes and streaks, Saisei manage to bring a luxurious sheen to the ancient linen textiles they utilize, never the less rejoicing and honoring the time worn markings, as part of their history, hard earned and totally appreciated.


Saisei’s Spring Summer 2012 collection has a uniform mix of natural fabrics and a limited edition salvaged fabrications in shades ranging from neutral to brilliant, with utilitarian fastenings from salvaged buckles and straps, and complimented with one hundred percent natural fabrications. Styles include their new Big Bag, which is a large, roomy, square bucket-style bag, with inside pockets, linen zippers, and available in six colors. Military fabric bags are complimented with the written instructions for filed tent installation printed onto the fabric. Other styles included the Bau Bag, with its elongated shape and the bug bag with its moon-like shape and pleasing curved lines, inspired by Mary Poppins, but with nothing in common with the dated movie aesthetic.

Website: http://www.saisei.eu