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Eden Diodati

Eden Diodati’s collection draws inspiration from our collective and cultural artistic heritage that both binds us together and separates us. The collection is based in a philosophy that reflect the ethos of the brand, and encompasses an ethical approach to manufacturing, bringing opportunities to marginalized communities through trade not aid.


Much of Diodati’s collection is crafted through a non-profit cooperative in Italy, offering training and work for the physically and mentally abused as well as the disabled. A fair trade ethic designed to protect human dignity, combined with the opportunity to rebuild fragile lives through aesthetic values. The brand also donates ten percent of share holders dividend to Doctors Without Borders, recognizing the fragility of the human condition on a global scale.

Diodati offers women a collection founded on compassion, representing global cultural influences, and a desire to achieve true beauty through timeless artistry. With influences represented through ethereal digital prints that evoke the desert and the sky and majestic scenery, with colors running from ice queen to Dante’s inferno, the complex nature of the digital prints balances the elegant and minimal cylindrical columns. The timeless nature of Diodati’s designs is blended with a contemporary luxurious aesthetic, expressing grace by design.

Website: www.edendiodati.com