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Lilah Horwitz

Lilah Horwitz is a site-specific fashion designer. She makes clothes as a means of visual documentation contextualized by her location, rather than the more usual seasonal collection of fashion designs. A self-described slow nomad by nature, she revels in exploring and searching her surroundings. Her explorations and clothing experimentations relate to our relationship with our clothing. Researching the reasons we make clothing, with the intent of changing our relationship with garments, and subverting the seasonal marketing of clothing as a commodity. Horwitz chooses to move at a different pace than the market dictates, focusing instead on her immediate surroundings. Exploring the means of transferring the love of making, to the love of wearing through her art.

Lilah Horwitz describes her clothing experiments as the love child of art and journalism, expressed in the form of fashion. Her emphasis on sustainability is expressed through community, experience, relationship and memory. Horwitz achieves this through working with found and gathered fabrics, re-dying much of it with plants and indigo. Each garment is one of a kind, hand made by Horwitz, many stitched anywhere from the subway to the front porch of her farmhouse in West Virginia. Her designs explore the myriad of variations by virtue of her chance finds, mixing lace with calico, eyelet tape and scraps of ethnic hand woven textiles in a single garment. Horwitz revels in the incongruity of her chance finds. Deconstructing and reconstructing at will, while making a feature of hand stitches. The naivety of hand construction is elevated to art through her work.


Individual pieces from Horwitz’s West Virginia collection are available currently at ABC Carpet and Home, supplemented by the occasional pop up store. Lilah is currently at the beginning stages of her latest collection, inspired by Milwaukee, so we can only wait and see what wonders this location stirs up in the designer creator.

Website: http://www.lilahhorwitz.com