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Studio Ecocentric

Studio Ecocentric’s mantra is “true style is timeless”, they based an entire company on it, producing an enduring vintage inspired collection that embodies classic stylishness. Taking inspiration from the 1930’s through to the 1970’s, their main focus lies in the Hollywood classic era of the 40’s and 50’s, drawing from the timeless aesthetics of Lauren Bacall in Casablanca, and Tippi Hedren in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic – The Birds. Studio Ecocentric are entirely unaffected by the trends the fashion world dictates.

Based in Berlin, Studio Ecocentric’s designs are made from the finest eco friendly materials, such as certified organic cotton from Switzerland, fine Italian wool, and vegetable dyed silk. Produced locally by small German manufacturers whose focus is on quality, they concentrate on an extraordinary level of detail by adding authentic vintage buttons and buckles. Styling is constant and does not follow the throw away pattern of the mainstream industry, with new styles every season. The concept it more about building a strong wardrobe of classic pieces, beautifully made, that will give a lifetime of wear.

Bow necked blouses in demure shades of navy or classic camel, are paired with slim below the knee pencil skirts. The sensuality of the fabrication belays the conservatism of the styling, while the retro inspiration adds more than a touch of nostalgia. The evocative nature of the Hollywood classic styling lends an underlying passion to the clothing, with a tie belt mackintosh evoking a vision of the heart wrenching Humphrey Bogart airport scene from Casablanca.

Katrin Kummer, the designer and founder of Studio Ecocentric relies heavily on her past as a costume designer. Showing their first collection at the Green Showroom during Berlin’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, you can now buy the entire collection online through their website.

Website: http://www.studio-ecocentric.com