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Yoj is a research collection, conceived and designed by Laura Strambi, as a result of her extensive research on natural textile production and organic dyes. With a philosophy that we must live and work responsibly, she is sensitive to renewable energy resources and control of production of materials. Yoj only use materials that have been produced with respect to nature and to mankind by using biological fibers and natural dyes. Each item in the collection is unique, and completely handmade in every phase of production from concept to finished garment.

The name Yoj is a graphic synthesis of their concept. Inspired by ancient Sanskrit texts, each letter of the name standing for a concept and idea. Y is for yoga, and the Sanskrit root of the word, which means “union”. O represents the centre, a perfect circle, complete in its own right. J is for Jewel and stands for beauty, a concept born of emotion. The collection is architectural in form, simple, clean and very wearable, using the shapes and outline of the letters of the name Yoj to inspire and restrict the designs. Wide circles of fabric cut in wonderfully luxurious heavy cottons collapse and drape around the body in unexpected ways. Organic and architectural, the collection forms a whole that is futuristic in concept and yet retro in its aesthetic, while deceptively simple lines compliment and cocoon the body.

Fabrics used for the collection are winter cotton, cotton and silk and cotton and bamboo blends, soy fibers and cashmere. Biologically grown Pima cotton is certified and garments are manufactured completely in Italy. The colors are informed by the yoga concept of calm and compatibility, combined with arduous research into vegetable dying and biological growth methodology. Complex color extractions and dying with herb tea infusions form the basis of the range, with wonderfully rich and complex variations of monochromatics, with bright color punctuations form the basis of the range.

Laura Strambi is passionate about her research into contemporary art, design and theatre, and has been instrumental in the organization of international trade fairs, such as Milano Linea Pelle where she is on the fashion committee, as well as the Bologna fiere. Laura has also designed collections for the likes of Marina Rinaldi and Max Mara, as well as costumes for the opera. She is a visiting lecturer at the University of Bologna and contributed to curriculum at Jedtepe University in Istanbul. Her eclectic and creative personality has spanned her research into social and cultural developments as well as her eclectic and varied career.

Website: www.fashionyoj.com

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