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Feral Childe

Feral Childe is a bi-coastal design collaboration that consists of Moriah Carlson, based in Brooklyn, New York, and Alice Wu based in Oakland, California. The designers both hail from a fine arts background, to produce a smart, wearable women’s wear collection, from sustainable materials, proudly manufactured in New York’s garment district. Each season they collaborate on textile prints, construction details and accessories, to produce the seasonal focus that combines wearability with a refined aesthetic, and subtle, layered dressing. The muted color stories and quirky accessorizing, highlight the collections casual elegance and sophistication.

Now with studios on both coasts, the two first met through an art installation they were both hired to participate in. Starting out with a series of self-directed art projects, their creative explorations eventually evolved into the brand Feral Childe. With dreams of a new wardrobe to build their new lives in New York, they faxed each other ideas and sketches through their corporate day jobs in offices. Spending their personal time scouring the downtown for unusual fabrics, they used each other as muse and model to test their concepts and designs, and were constantly stopped in the street when wearing their creations. The name Feral Childe is an outgrowth of their wild stories and creative process.

The collection is produced with a conscience that extends to their material choices, their printing and dying processes, and even includes their button and trim choices. Each piece is produced from natural or sustainable fibers, whether chemical free or organically grown. The designers work with a range of fibers including cotton, hemp, Tencel and upcycled materials such as surplus and reclaimed deadstock and mill ends, and water conscious dying and printing techniques, such as water based silk screen printing and low impact dyes. They work consciously to minimize their waste, by collaborating with fellow designers, recycling facilities and schools. Garments are produced locally in New York’s garment district where they can ensure fair wages and good working conditions. The duo are committed to ethical business practices and adhere to transparent sourcing and manufacturing, only producing to order, to avoid overstocking.

Feral Childe sell through a range of retailers including Bhoomki, Modavanti, Strumptet and a Boy Named Sue, to mention just a few, locations range from Hong Kong to Seattle to Copenhagen. The two have a global following of fans, including bassist and vocalist Esperanza Spalding. Feral Childe was voted one of the “Best Places to Shop Indie on the Internet”, and is available online as well as in a broad range of bricks and mortar locations. They have presented their collections in a diverse range of venues and locations, including the High Desert Test Sites, Santa Fe Art Institute, the MAK Center Schindler House, in Denmark, Qatar, and Japan.

Website: www.feralchilde.com

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