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The Wild Magazine; Berlin Fashion Week


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Green Fashion Tours Berlin

Green Fashion Tours Berlin offers unique guided tours exploring interesting sustainable fashion spots around the city.

C.L.A.S.S. Interview

In this interview with C.L.A.S.S., Sass Brown discusses sustainable fashion in different areas of the world including London, Paris, Milan, Berlin, and the United States.

Featured Video - Copenhagen Fashion Summit Fashion Show

The Copenhagen Fashion Summit challenged 11 well-known Nordic designers to create two outfits from innovative and sustainable materials.


Berlin based Plakinger hand make a sophisticated collection entirely produced in Germany in limited quantities.

Featured Video - Blonde and Bieber

Berlin design studio Blond and Bieber's project that uses algae to create colorful dyes for textile printing has won an award at this year's Lodz Design Festival.


Berlin based Aluc was founded in 2010, as a result of a meeting with renowned British upcycling brand, From Somewhere.

Rita In Palma

Rita in Palma is a Berlin based accessories line based on the tradition of Turkish craftsmanship, flipped for an entirely new audience.


Schmidttakahashi is a Berlin based label that specializes in upcycled and restyled, redesigned clothing.

Isabell de Hillerin

German designer Isabell de Hillerin develops her sustainable collection from a combination of delicate fabrics and folkloric handmade Romanian materials, to communicate a creative position somewhere between new design and old tradition.

Frau Wagner

Frau Wagner processes vintage and unwanted clothing and turns them into one-of-a-kind, desirable items. The worn garments are innovatively reconstructed into something completely new, using only the highest quality materials, such as silk, chiffon, organza, velvet and fur.

Atelier Awash

Atelier Awash is a sustainable menswear fashion label founded in Berlin in 2007 by two Italians, Davide Grazioli and Mauro Pavesi. The collection is based on the concept of classic and timeless garments, inspired by contemporary cultural explorers, a trait the partners both embody.

Christine Birkle

Christine Birkle, the owner of fashion label “Hut up” in Berlin, has caught the attention of such fashion luminaries as Dries van Noten and Matheo Thun. She is renowned for her creations, which are completely hand crafted with traditional felting and blocking methods.

Barbara I Gongini

Avant-garde, Danish designer Barbara Congini is one of a group of designers that participated in Bright Green Fashion, a collaborative project that showcases sustainable fashion, as a means of striving for greater environmental and social responsibility.

Featured Podcast - Conscious Chatter: Designer Dilemma

Designer Gretchen Jones talks about personal challenges in the designing world as it pertains to sustainability, making and the future of creatives.

Commentary & Critique - The Creative Challenges of Designing with Post Consumer Waste

Reuse of post consumer waste is probably the best-known type of upcycling when it comes to garments and materials, yet it is simultaneously one of the most challenging, when it comes to taking it to scale.