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ORG by Vio


ORG by Vio create beautiful, bohemian, eco-friendly jewelry, accessories, and clothing, handmade by indigenous Amazonian artisans. Developing designer collections in partnership directly with the artisans, the ORG by Vio collection is made from natural rainforest materials including, nuts, seeds fiber and natural rubber.  The collection is entirely hand made, and incorporates a diverse range of statement pieces from small seed collars to entire breast plates, waist cinchers and bags.  Colors range from light to dark earth tones, and incorporate jet black and vibrant red, all natural, and undyed.


The collection is available online through the ORG by Vio website, which also features the bios and headshots of the artisans and communities themselves.  The tribal communities that work in partnership with ORG by Vio, both directly and indirectly, include the Awajun, Cofan, and Ashaninka, each with their own distinct style and tradition.  Awajun pieces range from brightly beaded breastplates in a rainbow of colors, to natural earth tone, black and brilliant scarlet seed necklaces, from small to large.  Cofan workmanship features intricate mesh designs of finely knotted beads, in a range of necklaces, cuffs, purses and belts.  And the Ashaninka community produce a traditional, hand loomed tunic called a Cushma, which ORG by Vio sources via Ecotribal.  Founder Violeta Villacorta is also working on a new partnership with the Yanesha, to produce a bio jewelry collection from recycled wood scraps from home furnishings in combination with seeds and plant based materials.


Artisans are paid fair prices for their work, with an additional fifty percent of profits reinvested back into the community.  ORG by Vio’s mission is to act as a conduit to share design skills and ties to markets for indigenous communities. Protecting the environment and indigenous rights, ORG by Vio create beautiful, high quality products based around the culture of the community. They also share tools that allow them to run their businesses, become independent, maintain their livelihoods, support their families and their traditions.


Working with traditional tribal people in the Peruvian Amazon, helps provide a sustainable economy, while limiting deforestation through offering an alternative revenue stream for communities. Partners Ecotribal and Cool Earth work with local indigenous Ashaninka communities to support small organic forest gardens, which ORG by Vio utelizes in their clothing. The project helps create a viable and environmentally sustainable economy for indigenous Amazon communities, allowing them to remain on their lands, and act as stewards of the forests, as well as help support a better quality of life. Also supporting traditional artistry, culture, livelihood and self-determination.


Violeta Villacorta, worked for Patagonia as a senior designer for six years prior to setting up her own brand. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, as well as the United Nations International School, she was born in Peru. Villacorta also worked for Amazon Watch, who’s mission is to protect the rainforest, and advance the rights of indigenous people in the Amazon basin. Moved to take her green lifestyle a step further by incorporating her values and skills in work with the indigenous Amazon communities threatened by development, ORG by Vio is a Green America Gold Certified member, and a member of the California Business Alliance for a Green Economy.


If you enjoy Villacorta’s work, she is currently helping the Awaun fundraise for a Satelite Internet project, raising funds to install internet and support communication and information infrastructure to this remote community.

Website: www.orgbyvio.com

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