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Marita Huurinainen


Marita Huurinainen is passionate about working with varied materials, across various design fields, and constantly pushing the limitations of her knowledge, her skill and the materials she works with. Her designs not only make an aesthetic statement, but are imbued with meaning beyond, as she aims to make a difference through her work. Huurinainen creates timeless objects that defy the current consumption trend, and are not subject to the whims of fashion.

MariaHuurinanen9Huurinainen’s WILD Concept collection explores a new approach to the thorny ethical question of fur use in fashion. The collection consists of light fur items and accessories. Designs are produced from wild, not farmed, marten, fox, raccoon, and mink; animals killed as a result of conservational hunting in the Finnish wilderness. In Finland, thousands of animals are culled each year, to maintain a balanced eco-system, and protect other animal populations, as well as to control the spread of disease. The fur used for Huurinainen’s WILD Concept is bought directly from registered Finnish hunters, working within the allowed government quotas, and assured by the Wild Finnish Fur label. Together with the Wild Finnish Fur Association Huurinainen developed her fur concept, to prevent fur from hunting going to waste.

MariaHuurinanen6The collection focuses on small items of clothing and accessories, including gloves, hats, scarves, vests and capes, in natural colorations, ranging from natural through black. Capitalizing on the natural elements of the material, fur is by nature, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. The collection is made to last, and withstand many years of wear, in contrast to today fast-fashion consumer trends. Offering a more ethical and responsible way of wearing and enjoying fur.

MariaHuurinanen2In addition to the WILD collection, Huurinainen also produces the WAVE shoe collection. A beautiful, elegant, light, summer shoe collection, with a truly unique design, the WAVE is made of wood. The shoes heel elegantly rises up from the foot bed, until it reaches its peak at the heel, only to gently coil into a downward curve. The wave-like shape of the heel is what gives the shoe its name. The WAVE design was considered technically impossible to produce from wood, but after persistent testing, traditional Finnish wood bending techniques used in wood furniture design, were used to create the shoe. Following Huurnainen’s philosophy of combining beauty, comfort and functionality, to create a perfect balance in good design.

MariaHuurinanen4Website: http://maritahuurinainen.com