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RETTIG8RETTIG’s debut womenswear collection features color blocked rectangles of varying colors and hues that contrast and compliment each other through unexpected combinations. The styling is based on the deceptively simple rectangular shape, punctuated by assymetric handkerchief hems, cowled and fold over necklines, and vented drop shoulder styles, augmented with slick urban styling. Made from hand loomed Indian silk and colored with plant-based natural dyes, the textiles are woven in Oaxaca, Mexico, on traditional back-strap looms. Sustainable materials, like salmon leather and organic silk and cotton, are mixed with contemporary fabrications from boutique European mills that preserve time honored techniques. Fabrications include San Juan Cotzocon woven cotton, iridescent cotton and silk, holographic gauze and sustainably sourced salmon leather. Pieces are assembled entirely by hand in Oaxaca, as well as produced in New York City.

RETTIG7The roots of RETTIG lay in the Santa Fe, New Mexico, the hometown of designer Erin Rettig-Machem. The desert city is home to a world of contrasts, including native craft, contemporary art, traditional jewelry and textiles, all mixing with colorful locals and cosmopolitan expats. This colorful background acts as an ongoing inspiration for Rettig-Machem, while simultaneously keeping her grounded.

RETTIG5Through frequent travels, Rettig-Machem discovered various artisans with exceptional skills who lacked broader market access. Eager to support the preservation of local talent, she saw an opportunity to create bold designs that promote well being for both customers and producers. Founding RETTIG on the principles of cultural connection and conscious consumption, Rettig-Machem makes fabric, production, and design choices that are aesthetically compelling, as well as ethical.

RETTIG2RETTIG is about roots; it’s about remembering where we came from and honoring our collective past while simultaneously moving forward with a curious spirit towards an innovative future.

RETTIG6Website: www.rettigcollection.com