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Basajaun Diseno

BasajuanDiseno3Basajaun, was founded by Maria Fernanda Rodriquez in Mondoza, Argentina. Creating a zero waste collection of simple, wearable designs with a slight retro, country aesthetic, Basajaun designs represent a simpler place and time. Made from comfortable, body conscious jersey’s and natural fibers, the collection has a gypsy sensibility. Subtle, muted, tone on tone colorations corroborate the yogic simplicity, punctuated by the occasional op art print. Designs are inspired by nature, and designed for maximum versatility, through multiple combinations. A signature detail is that of oversized pockets.


A self taught designer, Rodriquez was always surrounded by creativity, with a writer and a weaver for grandmothers, and a seamstress mother. A background in contemporary dance, and university studies in health and safety, taught Rodriquez about the issues of worker exploitation and the psychological and physical risks of production jobs, and pollution generating industries such as textiles.

BasajuanDiseno4Now working from a small studio, Rodriquez fully enjoys making clothes and accessories. Beleiving it is possible to change the collective consciousness, value ecology, and produce clothing that doesn’t damage the enviornment or produce waste. Basajaun’s textile offcuts and leftovers and used to create the flowers and leaves that adorn some of her accessories. With smaller scraps used as filler for simple textile dolls donated to children’s programs and soup kitchens.


All styles are double stitched for durability, and designs are made from fabric that does not require ironing, as a means of minimizing the carbon footprint. Prints are produced form cork or rubber stamds, and all dyes are natural and without chemicals. Rodriquez also recycles materials such as old keys, leather and fabric scraps, to produce accessories.


Website: http://basajaunropa.wixsite.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com