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Everlane’s tag line is “Beautiful basics. Radical transparency. No middlemen”, which pretty much says it all. The Evelane collection for women and men however enocompases way beyond the basics, to include a total lifestyle aesthetic. It includes the ubiquitous perfect white T-shirt in a multitude of cuts and lengths, but also minimal, understated quality items from jersey tank tops to silk shirts, poplin button down shirts, cashmere cardigans, and sweaters, sweatshirts, trench coats and bags of all styles, shapes and sizes, and even sandals. All meticulously made with attention to detail, quality fabrications and flattering cuts.


The Everlane team, spend months finding the best factories around the world, which they visit often and build relationships with, as a means to ensure integrity and enforce stringent workplace compliance. With a culture of transparency throughout, Everlane reveal their costs, including their own mark up, right on their website. With a commitment to keeping costs low, Everlane only exist in the digital space, thereby reducing the traditional multiple markups from actual cost of manufacture to retail price point. They also feature their manufacturers right on the website, with company overviews, list of employees, product category, and lots of great photos.


Founded in 2010 by Michael Preysman, who left his job in venture capital to start Everlane, Preysman followed his passion for great design, fueled by his frustration at lack of innovation in the retail space. With a young team of industry professionals boasting backgrounds from high street fashion design, to cutting edge graphic design, the group is split between two offices, one in San Francisco, and the other in Los Angeles. Never the less their biggest customer base remains in New York City.


Website: www.everlane.com