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Fortress of Inca


Handmade in Peru, Fortress of Inca combines the finest traditional Peruvian textiles, known as ‘mantas’ with premium leather to produce a contemporary footwear collection with distinction.  The vibrant, eye-catching, bold and intricate Peruvian patterns, produced in a wide range of vivid colors, bring a unique aesthetic to contemporary shoe design, while remaining true to their Peruvian roots.  The collection covers the gamut of shoe, sandal and boot styles from ballet flats to high heels, platforms and wedges, as well as a range of men’s boots and a selection of jewelry. Materials used range through leather, suede, wood, rubber, and of course hand made Peruvian textiles.


Fortress of Inca was founded in 2004, when Texas native Evan Streusand discovered his first pair of Peruvian boots while backpacking through South America. At first hesitant of the idea of wearing a colorful, native looking boot with lambskin lining, he decided to add some flair to his adventure. Loving this new look, he realized that the mix of Incan textiles and modern boot silhouettes made for a very stylish product, leading him to create one of the most unique shoe brands on the market currently.


The entire collection is hand made in Peru, where workers are paid fair wages.  Premium leathers, suede’s and other materials are utilized in each pair of sandals, shoes and boots, many featuring traditional Peruvian textiles.


Website: www.fortressofinca.com