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Tina + Jo


Influenced by the iconic Southern California lifestyle, Tina + Jo embodies an effortless and easy wear stylish aesthetic. Designs are timeliness with a rebellious undertone; with more than a touch of the borrowed boyfriend look, combined with an empowered woman, who dresses how she wants, not how she’s expected to.


The collection fuses modal and novelty knits into effortless bodies and classic silhouettes.


Founded in 2012, Los Angeles-based Tina + Jo was founded by Lisa Yoon; the brand strives to sustain a contemporary pricing while maintaining local production. Each piece is individually had dyed with eco friendly dyes.


Specialty washes are developed each season, with every piece from the collection hand dyed using innovative techniques, with inspiration drawn from nature. The collection can be found at specialty boutiques and high-end retailers worldwide.


Website: www.tina-jo.com

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