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Coclico produce a subtle, architectural collection of understated shoes, carved from wood, cork and leather. Clean lines, and a neutral palette form the basis of this minimal and modern shoe brand. Eschewing ornamentation and excess of any kind, the brand invokes classic, timeless beauty. Coclico believe that true luxury is the privilege of choosing wisely. Built on a foundation of slow fashion, Coclico’s entire approach is informed by the concept, from design through production.



The brand sources all their materials in Europe. Leather is sourced from certified tanneries, and shoes are constructed from recycled and renewable components. Production is all done in Coclico’s small, family run factory in Mallorca, Spain. While the New York office is responsible for the design process, underpinning their high standards of ethical and environmental responsibility. The result is a modern, minimal shoe collection made with traditional quality.



Founded by Sandra Canselier, the direct descendent of a line of French shoemakers, the brand is named after the coquelicot wildflower that grows in the region of Pays de la Loire in France, where her father and grandfather made shoes.



Website: www.coclico.com