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Fashion4Freedom is a full production company created to serve as a responsible alternative to the current production and sourcing options. With a belief that beautiful, healthy and well-crafted goods can be made with resourceful collaboration and thoughtful processes. The first socially responsible, ethical and transparent supply chain in Asia created by designers for designers.


Fashion4Freedom grew out of the inability to find an affordable manufacturer to produce their own designs with standards for both ethics and quality, so they invented an entire supply chain themselves. Investing to ensure systematic change, Fashion4Freedom work directly with village artisans, and share the profit of their labor.


Fashion4Freedom fully developed an end-to-end supply chain for brands and other designers wishing to intersect responsibility with luxury in manufacturing. Offering the opportunity for responsible manufacturing through their teams of design & production experts, artisans, and partnered factories.  Fashion4Freedom’s objective is to provide a new option for fashion production while fighting poverty through programs for capital investment, design collaboration, and economic empowerment to turn female artisans into self-reliant entrepreneurs of the trade of which they are masters.


Profits generated from their ethical manufacturing business support master classes where leadership development is provided.  Striving to preserve artisanal heritage, improves the livelihood of disadvantaged producers, and ensure an ethical sustainable supply chain through production, Fashion4Freedom fuse heritage craft and modern design to create commercial and cultural values.


Marginalized producers and artisans need more than mere introductions to Western retailers. A weaver from Laos for example might get an introduction to a brand, but probably don’t have the knowledge to assess and control quality or export in time to meet market needs.  Fashion4Freedom are the conduit that translates industry needs to artisans while ensuring quality and delivery to buyers, thereby truly opening markets and opportunities. They work closely with each client to assess needs, cost and risks, from sketch or concept, right through prototyping, competitive landscape evaluation, brand positioning, and market delivery.


Website: www.fashion4freedom.com