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Denham The Jeansmaker


Amsterdam brand Denham the Jeansmaker produce a full range of men’s and women’s clothing, with the core of the brand firmly rooted in the premium denim segment. Denham’s seasonal collections of jackets, knits, shirts and sweaters are distinguished by their unique use of vintage research and their original blend of contemporary design, combined with a deeply authentic jeans attitude.


Each season Denham reach out to world class artisans, designers and fabric developers to create collaborative expressions of the brand, and to animate each of the seasonal themes.


These artisanal theme’s have let them to remake classic collection pieces in vintage Japanese Boro textiles, Indochinese narrow loom textiles, Dutch army blankets and antique French bed linens, each to amazing effect. Denham’s Fall Winter 2015 inspiration is Indigo Nomads, and the tone and atmosphere of that idea is embodied in a special limited edition project made for reclaimed, re-purposed fabrics.


Every season Denham’s design team push the boundaries of what indigo can do. The highlight within the indigo men’s collection is the Re-Cut Kendo coat featuring dead stock military blankets, each one individually soaked in indigo and patched into greatcoats directly inspired by the Indigo Nomads seasonal theme.


The women’s re-cut blanket flight jacket also cut from the same dead stock fabric, combines the aesthetics of a WWII flight jacket with a traditional duffel coat, finished with hand made monkey knots and lined in silk. Each seasons creative adventures, furthers Denham’s tradition and honors their past.

Denham9Website: www.denhamthejeanmaker.com