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Saigon Laundry


Saigon Laundry is the fashion brand born of Fashion4Freedom, a full production company created to serve as a responsible alternative to mainstream production and sourcing options. With a belief that beautiful, healthy and well-crafted goods can be made with resourceful collaboration and thoughtful processes.


The first socially responsible, ethical and transparent supply chain in Asia created by designers for designers. Fashion4Freedom grew out of the inability to find an affordable manufacturer to produce their own designs with standards for both ethics and quality, so they invented an entire supply chain themselves. Investing to ensure systematic change, Fashion4Freedom work directly with village artisans, and share the profit of their labor.


The Siagon Laundry collection spans menswear, womenswear and accessories. The women’s collection features a broad range of artisanal workmanship including hand embroidery, patchwork, applique and hand loomed textiles. Contemporary silhouettes seamlessly incorporate traditional techniques.


Classic menswear has a youthful, European flavor with considered details, such as a fine paisley pattern lining in a classic suit jacket, or floral under collar on a slim fit shirt. Accessories include a line of menswear ties. The collections supports marginalized producers and artisans in Vietnam.



Website: www.fashion4freedom.com