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Bourgeois Boheme


Bourgeois Boheme produce a fashion forward, vegan line of men’s and women’s shoes and boots. Individual in style with unique and unexpected details, BoBo shoes are deliberately and thoughtfully designed from innovative eco friendly, animal free materials. Based in London, they are the quintessentially British brand, inspired by street style and vintage fashion, truly original and entirely hand crafted.


The journey of a BoBo shoe is up to a year in the making. The brands signature asymmetry and subtle lotus flower details infuse the collection with a unique perspective. The journey begins in Portugal where first prototypes are produced in shoe factories that are handpicked for their ethical manufacturing. Each style is tested and tried for size, fit and feel, often taking several iterations to perfect prior to production. Skilled artisans hand make each pair of BoBo shoes using traditional techniques, resulting in robust, considered footwear made ethically.


Website: www.bboheme.com