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DARA Artisans Welcome


Eco Fashion Talk has been telling the stories of ethical designers from around the world since 2010. With thousands of designer overviews, and resources that include a vast video library of featured artisans, designers, magazines, webzines, Ecommerce sites and bloggers, that are collectively changing the face of a industry. The journey to feature so many change makers at the intersection of design and ethics has introduced me to some extraordinary people, and many like-minded souls. One of those souls is Dara Brewster, co-founder and CEP of DARA Artisans.



DARA Artisans believes in the art of craft, curating exquisitely handmade designs from around the world and sharing artisan stories that transform and inspire. DARA interweaves ancient roots with modern soul, preserving heritage while progressing towards an ideal of global awareness and human dignity. By telling stories of craftsmanship and empowering artisans with an international marketplace for their designs. DARA Artisans is in complete alignment with Eco Fashion Talk. It gives me great pleasure to announce that DARA Artisans inspirational stories of artisanship will be an ongoing feature on the website, deepening and broadening the conversation on ethical design, while honoring heritage craft skills. We look forward to sharing the DARA journey with our readers, and enriching the website with considered, beautiful and thoughtful content. Welcome DARA Artisans to Eco Fashion Talk.