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data min’d


Data min’d is the jewelry brand of Fashion4Freedom, and a jewelry collection using metal extracted from old tech hardware. The collection methodology dubbed Data Mining is because so much has to be researched and learned about how to create a conscientious method of using precious metal. Data min’d is literally mining old data to breath new life into their creative aspirations. The SWARM collection depicts a selection of migratory creatures designed to debate the value and cost of migration. Fish, beetles, butterflies and birds migrate to sustain themselves, the collection acts as a commentary of the cost of migration on those who do so in an attempt to find better resources.


Fifty million tons of e-waste is produced each year from hardware, data min’d utilizes some of it as a creative starting point for their collection of beautifully fashioned jewelry. The collection is exemplified by the Khoi fish, the first piece in Fashion4Freedom’s SWARM collection, representing the struggle to swim through massive amounts of ‘stuff’ and waste.


Fashion4Freedom is a full production company created to serve as a responsible alternative to the current production and sourcing options. With a belief that beautiful, healthy and well-crafted goods can be made with resourceful collaboration and thoughtful processes. The first socially responsible, ethical and transparent supply chain in Asia created by designers for designers. Fashion4Freedom’s objective is to provide a new option for fashion production while fighting poverty through programs for capital investment, design collaboration, and economic empowerment to turn female artisans into self-reliant entrepreneurs of the trade of which they are masters. Striving to preserve artisanal heritage, improve the livelihood of disadvantaged producers, and ensure an ethical sustainable supply chain, Fashion4Freedom fuse heritage craft and modern design to create commercial and cultural values.


Website: www.fashion4freedom.com