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The Eco Gypsy


The Eco Gypsy is a quarterly online magazine that features a broad range of editorials and reviews on bohemian eco escapes, and retreats. Designed for the gypsy, nomad, adventurer and wanderer at heart, the E-zine specializes in guided escapes around the world that preserve environments and communities. Destinations have a bohemian aesthetic, and cater to the restless souls whose purpose in life is to travel, experience and immerse themselves in the beauty and sensuality of exploration. Destination editorials cover a range of carefully curated destinations and properties around the world.


The Eco Gypsy Bazaar reflects the bohemian aesthetic of the carefully curated destinations, and offers clothing and accessories made by local artisans, with fair trade principles at heart.


Eco Gypsy is a reflection of founder and Editor in Chief, Electra Gillies own lifestyle, living as she does between homes in Bali and Europe. Gillies was inspired to start The Eco Gypsy by a gap in the market and dirth of sustainable travel alternatives. Born in Singapore, Gillies was educated in in the UK, and grew up in Nepal, the Maldives and Southern Africa. Gillies has her MSc in Toursim, and is a contributing travel writer to the Jakarta Post. Electra is also an Environmental Consultant on tropical forest and tropical marine ecology.


Website: www.ecogypsy.net