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Cityzen is an emerging New York fashion brand created by Azin Valy. The co-founder of the award winning multi-disciplinary Architecture firm, I-Beam Design. Valy comes from urban planning research, which formed the spark for the brand. Cityzen transform two-dimensional maps of global cities into three-dimensional wearable art. The collection spans a broad selection of dresses from short to long and body con to fluid, augmented by a breath-taking range of caftans, wraps and scarves.


Inspiration came from urban planning research that was nominated to be exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art. Designs are informed by the intersection of the human body with the urban landscape, with form following topography. Mountains define necklines, while rivers and roads meander around a woman’s curves.


Providing a breath-taking perspective on the world, each printed scarf is accompanied by a recommendation list that celebrates each place through the six senses of sight, sounds, touch, taste, scent and thought. Cityzen promote a cause for each city, each with an over-arching vision towards global dialogue and peace. They work exclusively with charitable organizations to create custom scarves and garments promoting various causes around the world.


Website: http://cityzenbyazin.com