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Premium casual wear label Mariañes, was founded on sustainable principles. The collection features a range of natural textiles, including one hundred percent organic cotton sourced from Japan, as well as sustainably produced silk. Produced in New York, the collection supports local producers.


The classic, simple silhouettes are easy to wear and timelines in design. Fluid shapes are designed to give the wearer room to move and room to breath. The monochromatic color palette focuses on graphic black and white, punctuated with sky blue and timeless taupe produced with low impact dyes and natural colorants.


Created by Indonesian fashion designer Maria Agnes, now resident in New York, the collection is the culmination of a seven year stint creating collections in Bali and traveling extensively. Originally from Jakarta, Agnes studies the business of fashion at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and at École Superiéure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode, before attaining a Sustainable Design Entrepreneurs certificate at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.


Website: www.marianes.co