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No Serial Number


No Serial Number is an eclectic lifestyle magazine about eco-conscious and heritage craft, design and fashion. Dedicated to the promotion of eco-conscious and socially responsible designers, artisans and creative projects, No Serial Number is a family run blog and magazine. They showcase a broad range of small, independent artisans, independent designs, creative businesses, and labels that demonstrate a strong social, ethical and sustainable ethos.


As the name suggests, No Serial Number represent products that cannot be reproduced, initiatives that are locally rooted, organically grown, traditionally crafted, hand made, upcycled or recycled, and always ethically minded. With a mission to develop and document the currency and future of heritage crafts, ethical fashion and sustainable design.


The magazine is available in a yearly subscription or online as a pdf, with all the money going towards the cost of running the magazine and the promotion of traditional, creative and sustainable initiatives.


Website: www.noserialnumber.com