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Andrea Gutierrez Jewelry


Jewelry Designer Andrea Gutierrez creates iconic jewelry inspired by her lifelong enjoyment of discovery. Her work reflects an informed sensibility to a wide range of art and culture around the globe. Her love of beauty, surprise, and hidden treasure is characterized in each and every one of her finely crafted creations.


Made with great precision, each piece draws from a perfectly tuned aesthetic and desire to add enjoyment and richness to a well-considered wardrobe. Her collections are a continuation of age-old traditions, imbued with a crisp and modern edge.  Renowned for her intricate and detailed cuffs that incorporate reclaimed and recycled crystals, glass beads, pearls, beads of every type and metal chain links, each one entirely different and unique. Characterized by names like Angle Wings or Antique Spike, pieces include precious and semi precious stones, a silk base and hand hammered gold or silver closures.


The Vestal collection is a collection of rings and earrings in partnership with John Lyle Design NYC. The collaboration partners this renowned furniture designer with the taste and skill of Andrea’s jewelry. Inspired by Lyle’s “Vestel Cocktail Table”, the collection is a series of rough hewn and complex geometric shapes. Looking like a series of intersecting gold and silver plaited nails intricately overlaid and shorn to produce complex cross hatched designs adorned with South Sea and Tahitian pearls, as well as precious stones.


Based in Los Angeles, Andrea Gutierrez enjoys global recognition, her jewelry lies at the intersection of affordable elegance and luxury design.


Website: https://andreagutierrezjewelry.com