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Simona Lampe

Photo by Jure Makovec

Photo by Jure Makovec

Simona Lampe designs an upcycled womenswear collection as a means of spreading awareness about waste. Starting in 2009, Lampe began by recycling the unwanted clothing of female managers, initiated primarily as a means of spreading environmental awareness through fashion.

Photo by Jure Makovec

Photo by Jure Makovec

Lampe’s RECYCLE-ES project challenged businesswomen to donate one of more pieces of clothing, photographically recording them, and upcycled the donations into new items, closing the loop with a photographic record.

Photo by Jure Makovec

Photo by Jure Makovec

Lampe exhibits the before and after images, as well as coordinates a fashion show to highlight the creative possibilities of upcycling. Business managers then have the option of purchasing the redesigned items back, showing by example the ability for fashion to impact environmental stewardship.

Photo by Jure Makovec

Photo by Jure Makovec

The diverse and eclectic collection is made one piece at a time, a demanding and time consuming undertaking that results in one of a kind pieces of art to wear. Finding inspiration all around, Lampe is inspired from a diversity of items and topics, including her neighbors laundry, to a popular TV series, and historical figures.

Photo by Jure Makovec

Photo by Jure Makovec

Website: http://simonalampe.com

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