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Founded in 1992, Oleana was created to bring coveted textile industry jobs back to Norway at a time when most European brands had moved production off shore. With the intent to prove that domestic production was still possible in a high cost country, the brand produce a womenswear collection of complex and patterned knitwear made from wool and silk, and other natural fibers. Beautiful repeat florals and stylized floral patterns, stripe and geometrics proliferate throughout the collection in a multi color sophisticated color palette. Simple silhouettes covered in riotous patterns are reminiscent of Kaffe Fassett, with a Nordic twist.


Knitted on ultra-modern hi-tech machines, Oleana focus on design, quality and flexibility, produced responsibly. Working with skilled hands, the brand identity is rooted between cutting edge industrial methods and fine craftsmanship. Oleana place great emphasis on the professional and social environment, and an understanding of the proud tradition of Nordic knitwear of which they are part. Each year the brand close the factory for a few days to take a study trip, whether at home or abroad, to learn and see what other textile people are working on.


Designed by Solveig Hisdal, the brand has won a multitude of awards, including the Scheiblers Honorary Award from the Norwegian Design Council, and the coveted Jacob Prize, Norway‘s most prestigious award for design. Hisdal is regarded as one of the best textile designers in Norway, renowned for her colorful and well-developed sense of ornamentation and shape. With a background in graphic design, art and fashion design, the talented Creative Director also oversees the photography for the catalogue. Oleana‘s ambition is to make beautiful clothing of high quality that people love to wear.


Website: www.oleana.no