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Ana Srdic


Jeweler and anthropologist Ana Srdic produces bold and unique jewelry that reflect her personality. With an underlying principle of preservation of culture, Srdic believes that cultural diversity is inspirational. Channeling the learnings from precious cultures through the aesthetics of her jewelry enriches her designs. Her interest in the human aspect of aesthetics, not just the form, but the cultural meaning, imbues her work with value beyond beauty.


Expressing preservation through usage of specific forms and colors from a particular culture, Srdic applies traditional techniques, and materials in her jewelry. Techniques like hammered silver and gold are reminiscent of Thailand, jade of Myanmar, old trading beads of Africa, and shells, the Naga people of northern India. Inspiration is triggered through people, and by understanding the patterns of their culture. The bulk of the collection is produced in South Africa and Tibet, with precious and semiprecious stones sourced in Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand. Srdic also makes clothing from vintage Japanese kimonos


Having lived in Johannesburg, otherwise known as the Rainbow Nation, gave Ana Srdic the opportunity to explore. She works closely with Ndebele people in South Africa, helping to preserve their unique culture and share it with the world. Known for their artistic talent which is expressed through their bead work, wall paintings, aprons and jewelry, Srdic is inspired by their use of geometric patterns and bold colors. Encouraging self sufficiency, Srdic teaches business basics including an understanding of pricing, supply and demand to her workers. A percentage of sales always goes towards the local community involved in production, sometimes with all profits going towards particularly needy communities. Her greatest passion is the Ndebele culture of South Africa.


Website: http://anasrdic.com