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A carefully curated collection of pieces are produced in highly limited quantities, on a seasonal basis, and available only for a limited window. Plume designs focus on the essentials of a womens wardrobe and lifestyle, melding traditional decorative hand craftsmanship with a contemporary vision to make each product one-of-a-kind.


Plume supports artisans economic independence through fair local wages, Kate takes a special interest in supporting traditional craft skills as a means to positively impact the rights and economic stability of women artisans.


The collection includes beautiful hand woven kaftans in cotton and bamboo, with simple understated color woven designs, some featuring hand embroidery. The collection also includes beautifully crafted sandals and shoes produced in Nairobi, many exquisitely and understatedly embellished with glass beads.


A range of large straw bags are hand made in Bali from raffia, and embellished with colorful wool pompoms from Peru, and jewelry is made from semi-precious beads and combined with hand made silk tassles.

plume4Website: www.plumecollection.com