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Featured Images – Loes Heerink

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Website: www.trendtablet.com

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Featured Artist - Isobelle Ouzman

Isobelle Ouzman's altered book series transforms unwanted books into fine art.

Featured Image - Ukranian Crowns

Slavic workshop Treti Pivni style and photograph one of the more amazing Ukranian traditions of floral headdresses, originally worn by young, unmarried women to show their marital eligibility, used here as a reminder of Ukrainian heritage in rough times.

Featured Image - Org by Vio

Org by Vio produce a hand made boho chic eco friendly collection of hand beaded jewelry and accessories made by indigenous Amazonian artisans.

Featured Image - Melissanthi Spei

Stunning imagery by MA Fashion Artefact graduate from the London College of Fashion - Melissanthi Spei. Inspired by her own Greek heritage to create these incredible sculptural garments through an exploration of traditional arts and crafts.

Featured Image by Hans Silverster

Stunning imagery from Hans Silvester - People of the Omo Valley

Featured Image - Jimmy Nelson

The truly incredible photography of Jimmy Nelson from Before They Pass Away.

Featured Image - Hamid Sardar Afkami

The incredible imagery of photographer and scholar Hamid Sardar-Afkhami, gives us an unprecedented look into the everyday lives of the nomadic Dukha people in northern Mongolia.

Featured Book - Before They Pass Away

Before They Pass Away showcases tribal cultures prized for their distinctive lifestyles, art and traditions through stunning imagery by Jimmy Nelson.

Featured Image - Viking Shoes

These incredible, contemporary, avant garde looking sandals are actually from somewhere between 300 and 700 CE, known as the 'Migration

Featured Artist - Germen Crew

Germen Crew are a street art group that joined forces with the Mexican government to rehabilitate and brighten up the district of Palmitas in Pachuca.

Featured Image - Ana Srdic

Jewelry designer and anthropologist Ana Srdic produces bold unique pieces of wearable art from old world techniques combined with semi precious materials.

Featured Artist - Made From the Dead

With an eye for the macabre and a fascination with Victoriana, creations incorporate mysticism and symbolism combined with traditional taxidermy technique.