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Anchal Project

The Anchal Project is a nonprofit social enterprise that addresses the exploitation of women around the world. Using design thinking to create employment opportunities,

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Featured Video – The Artisans: Embroidery

The Artisans series shares the artisans’ journey of mastering the traditional techniques and preserving heritage. Tran Thi Nhu Nga and Nguyen Thi Minh, who are still practicing the craft of hand embroidery, are determined to keep their craft alive.

Featured Video – BoF Fashion’s Fourth Industrial Revolution

Business of Fashion and fashion industry leaders explore how brands from distant markets break into the global marketplace at the VOICES New York event supported by QIC Global Real Estate in June 2016.

Featured Item – Irit Dulman

Stunning natural plant printing and dying from the talented Irit Dulman.

Wool and the Gang

Wool and the Gang believe that clothing should be made unique with love. Their hand knit fashion is not mass-produced, but quality fashion, produced sustainably.

Featured Video – Mushroom Leather

This vegan leather is grown from mushrooms and called Muskin.


VLTA is an environmentally conscious company that produces jewelry designed to hold essential oils inside. Designed from recycled metals, and ethically sourced semiprecious stones, VLTA jewelry is minimalistic in style, and geometrically expressed.

Featured Video – Vivienne Westwood

From Director Eloise King, and ID Magazine, this Vivienne Westwood interview overviews her career over the course of five decades, from punk-provocateur to Britain’s best loved fashion designer.

Featured Podcast – Conscious Chatter: Mara Hoffman + Mindfulness

In this episode of Conscious Chatter, Kestrel Jenkins speaks with Mara Hoffman, the designer behind Eponymous, about her company’s current shifts toward becoming more sustainable. The journey is real, and nothing changes overnight, but Mara is onboard for the collaborative adventure.

Selvedge Magazine

An article by Sass Brown on ethical fashion alternatives for Selvedge Magazine.

Featured Video – Anchal

Anchal Project merges design, business, and education to empower female commercial sex workers in India to break the cycle of gender inequality and poverty.

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