Telling the stories of our
material connection
to our world through
cutting edge design
from 2010 till 2017

Featured Collection – AGxRF

The capsule collection, AGxRF, was designed by Freire to compliment Groover’s timeless draped, zero-waste robes, while pushing the boundaries and limits of the Piñatex pineapple leather.

Featured Video – Haute Culture

Donna Wanderlust’s Haute Culture travel blog interview and introduction, a travel blog about cultural costume and fashion around the world, exploring traditional and contemporary fashion through travel.

Featured Video – My Source

Mysource matches fashion professionals with the right connections and resources to grow successful, sustainable businesses. Currently building on ten years of work on the Ethical Fashion Forum, they now reach a global network spanning 141 countries.

Featured Video – People Berlin

People Berlin are a social clothing label that runs between fashion and art, and acts as a creative exchange for young people affected by addiction and mental illness.

People Berlin

Conceptual by nature, the People Berlin social clothing label is highly expressive, and features unexpected layers, silhouettes and details that acts as a creative exchange for young people affected by addiction and mental illness.

Featured Video – Carla Fernandez

Carla Fernandez presentation for Santa Fe – Las Flores, Los Espiritus y Los Instantes, video’d by Ramiro Chaves.


With the intent to prove that domestic production was still possible in a high cost country, the brand produce a womenswear collection of complex and patterned knitwear made from wool and silk, and other natural fibers.

Dara Artisan Sourcing Trip to Guatemala

After falling in love with Guatemalan craftsmanship during their collaboration with Tucker Robbins, the DARA team was eager to explore additional opportunities to connect with the country’s artisan community.

Featured Podcast – American Fashion Podcast: Fair Trade Juliette

In this episode of the American Fashion Podcast, fashion sustainability expert Juliette Donatelli talks local and global fashion issues on fair trade.

Business of Fashion History – Madeleine Vionnet

In the third instalment of the BoF’s fashion history series, we study Madeleine Vionnet, who built an empire by rejecting corsets and buttons in favor of the bias cut.

Teah Wilson

Teah Wilson is a UK based jewelry, home and fashion accessories company. With an eye for quality details, designer and founder, Teah Wilson produces limited edition, hand made work of superior quality and style.

P.i.C Style

P.i.C Style was born out of an obsession to do fashion the right way. The P.i.C Style collection is consciously designed and lovingly made in a North London factory.

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