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A Mouthfull of Milk Teeth by Lu Flux

A Mouthfull of Milk Teeth is a delightfully playful and eccentric childrenswear collection based on British eccentricity, and a love of traditional techniques, combined with retrospective design.

Lu Flux simply couldn’t be anything but English; her eccentric flights of fancy are intrinsically British. The collection is the ubiquitous English, stop motion children’s television program, The Magic Roundabout come to life in Technicolor. The charm of the collection is truly a dreamlike adventure, scattered with childhood memories and cultural metaphors, mixed together Willy Wonky style and coming out the other end of some insane machine, fully formed, totally mad, and completely unique.

It’s impossible not the love this collection, its naive charm totally wins you over, and you cant help but smile just looking at it.

Website: www.luflux.com

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Twitter: @Lu_Flux

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