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Andrea Zittel

Andrea Zittel is an American sculptor and installation artist.  Born in Escondido, California, she received a BFA in painting and sculpture from San Diego State University, and an MFA in sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design.  Zittel’s sculptures and installations transform everything necessary for life, such as eating, sleeping, bathing, and socializing, into artful experiments in living.  Blurring the lines between life and art, Zittel’s projects extend to her own home and wardrobe. Wearing a single outfit every day for an entire season, and constantly remodeling her home to suit changing demands and interests, Zittel continually reinvents her relationship to her domestic and social environment. Influenced by modernist design and architecture from the early part of the twentieth century, the artist’s one-woman mock organization, “A–Z Administrative Services,” develops furniture, homes, and vehicles for contemporary consumers with a similar simplicity and attention to order.

Website: www.zittel.org