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Beyond Beanie



Swiss start up beyondBeanie is a social clothing company that makes beanies, bags and accessories. Originally conceived by Hector Tito Alvarez, a Swiss citizen of Chilean descent, who after a trip to Bolivia was inspired to improve the living conditions of thousands of children in Bolivia in terms of nutrition and education. It is estimated by the World Food Programme (WFP), that as much as two thirds of the population in Bolivia live below the poverty line, making it difficult for parents to raise, feed and educate their children, and causing Tito to start a social business in support of Bolivian children.


With a product line that fuses Bolivian artisanship with European styling, the collection is entirely produced by Bolivian artisans from La Paz and Cochambamaba. The brand offers opportunities to women artisans, many of whom come from the most impoverished and vulnerable groups in Bolivia. Each item is signed by the artisan that produced it.


Since the launch of the brand, beyondBeanie.org has expanded its product line from a simple line of just beanies and hats to include gloves, scarves and ponchos. With every product purchased, a child in need is supported, for example, the sale of every beanie (hat) provides five meals, a bag purchase buys a child a set of school supplies, and a poncho pays for a school uniform. The line incorporates a variety of summer and winter beanies, with the rainbow collection designed to reflect Bolivia’s rich visual culture.


Website: www.beyondbeanie.org