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Dooq produce a one hundred percent customizable and transformable sandal. With a range of decorative buttons that sit neatly atop the thong of a flip-flop style sandal, styles include criss-cross straps and ties, T-straps and full print and pattern uppers in a myriad of shapes, materials, colors and patterns, all entirely interchangeable. The outgrowth of the need to have matching shoes for every outfit, without wanting to purchase a hundred different shoes, partners Rasa Pekarskaite, Vismantas Kasteckas and Sergi Domingue Font, hand make the shoes in Europe. The sole of the shoes is produced from regenerated leather, and the uppers from a variety of materials. The shoes can be packed flat using minimal space, and with just a few components, offer an endless variety of combinations.

Website: www.getdooq.com

Video: youtu.be/CxEqlQKqG5s