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The word Ela means Mother Earth in Sanskrit, and is the label name of an organic and sustainable fashion label produced, designed and developed in New Delhi, India. The collection, designed by Joyjit Talukdar, was launched by the Creative Group at New Delhi Fashion Week, and features organic un-dyed and unbleached cotton, in combination with milk and bamboo jersey.  Creating a flowing, understated but quirky collection, Ela have substituted drawstrings and other traditional Indian fastenings in an effort to eliminate zippers and any  plastic fastenings or findings.  Motivated and inspired by the influence of green fashion trends around the world, and a vision for future generations, Talukdar believes that the future of fashion lies in sustainable production.  Ela aims to produce a collection with integrity, while balancing preservation of the environment and social welfare.  Currently in the process of procuring organic certification, Ela don’t use any chemicals in production, and minimize packaging and waste.

NJAL: www.notjustalabel.com

Website: www.ela.org.in

Contact [email protected]